Photographer career

  1. I am interested in being an artist.
  2. Some responsibilities of being an artist in to create alot of art to make money, and create sketches.
  3. The salary of being an artist in Colorado is $26.27.
  4. I love painting and drawing, I like to draw or paint places I would like to go.
  5. Some people are self taught at being an artist, some can get bachelor’s degree in art.

Conceptual self portrait

Conceptual: Is when you use objects to describe yourself.

I am going to explain how this photo describes me. First I put the painting in there because I love painting. I like to paint nature, I love painting the mountains and the sky. The horse shoe is there because I love horseback riding. The pencil and eraser is there because I love drawing, and the necklace is there because I like to make jewelry.

Modern Classics: Cindy Sherman – Untitled Film Stills, 1977-1980 | art for sale | artlead

I like this photo because it has great editing. I love how she did her make up. I love how she did this all by herself. I love how she made it black and white. I also love her outfit. All of it together has the same vibe.


Self portrait

Words that describe me are funny, creative, kind, strong and annoying. Funny because I make a lot of jokes at home and at the ranch. Creative because I draw and paint many things, sometimes I carve wood. Kind because I am nice to people and animals. Strong because I do horseback riding. Annoying because I like to annoy my siblings.

Image size: 2048 x 1365

National Geographic Covers

National Geographic 813

I like this cover because when I hear National Geographic I think of animals. This photo shows 2 deers outside in the snow. it shows them in their habitat.

National Geographic 819

I like this photo because it talking about the ocean. It shows someone swimming in the water exploring.

National Geographic 822

I like this cover because it talks about the tallest trees in the woods.